Jacob deBlecourt

Jacob deBlecourt

City Council, District 9, Boston, MA

2023 Endorsement

Jacob is a former City Council staffer, renter, and policy nerd who is now running for Boston City Council District 9. With nearly three years of experience as a city council staffer, Jacob has a proven track record of listening to people in crisis and creating progressive policy wins that benefit everyone. From groundbreaking tenant's rights protections to expanded language access for all, Jacob is committed to advocating for policies that bring neighbors together rather than forcing them to move away.

One of Jacob's top priorities is creating more affordable housing and strengthening tenant protections in Allston-Brighton, a majority-renter neighborhood. They firmly believe that everyone deserves access to safe, stable, and secure housing, regardless of their income or background. If elected, Jacob would work tirelessly to increase the supply of affordable housing and make sure that tenants are protected and treated with dignity and respect.

Jacob is a trailblazer in more ways than one. If elected, they would become the first non-binary person to serve on the City Council and the youngest person elected to the Council in over 50 years. Their fresh perspective and commitment to progressive values make them the right choice for District 9.

With a passion for making a positive difference in their community, Jacob is a candidate who is dedicated to creating a future where everyone can thrive. If you live in Allston-Brighton, be sure to support Jacob in their bid for City Council.