Ashley Fortier

Ashley Fortier

School Board, Pine Richland School District, PA

2023 Endorsement

Ashley has devoted her career to making a positive impact on others. With a decade of experience in the social services field, Ashley has developed the skills necessary to advocate for the betterment of her community. Her passion for education is a prominent factor in her decision to run for School Board Director. She firmly believes that a quality public education is essential for all students to reach their full potential.

Ashley understands that there are challenges to achieving this goal. Opponents with differing values who use divisive tactics create an obstacle to providing a high-quality education for all students. These forced values have the potential to hurt our schools by driving out teachers and failing to prepare students for the real world.

As a School Board Director, Ashley's priorities include creating strong connections between the school and families. It is essential that families are comfortable with the school and feel welcome to contribute to their child's education. Furthermore, she recognizes the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Students need to feel secure to be able to learn and thrive. Finally, she is dedicated to establishing policies and providing resources needed to address student's mental health needs.

Ashley's experiences, both personally and professionally, give her the skills and understanding necessary to be an effective School Board Director. Her focus on inclusion, safety, and access to resources demonstrates her commitment to the success of all students.