Aaron Martinez

Aaron Martinez

Mayor, Novi, MI

2023 Endorsement

As an experienced attorney, advocate and former chair of the Novi Dems, Aaron has become a prominent figure within the Democratic Party. With a background as the son of a union steelworker and nurse and being the grandchild of immigrants, he always had an interest in public service and helping those in need. In his 16 years of campaign and legislative experience, Aaron has been passionate about collaborating on solutions that impact a variety of issues such as the opioid crisis, childcare costs, and first responders.

Known for his ability to speak truth to power, Aaron has never shied away from voicing his opinions on matters that require attention. He understands the importance of being truthful, even if it means presenting uncomfortable truths. It is this unwavering determination and honesty that has propelled him to run for Mayor of Novi.

Alongside his wife April, Aaron is excited to welcome their first child this August. They want to ensure that the city of Novi is a safe, connected, inclusive and sustainable community for their child and future generations. As the mayoral race takes shape, Aaron is dedicated to ensuring that Novi is a city that prioritizes the needs of residents while maintaining its status as a prominent city.

With a wealth of experience and a dedication to serving his community, Aaron is the ideal candidate for the role of Novi's Mayor. Novi residents can be assured that a vote for Aaron is a vote for positive change for all.