Natalie Oschrin

Natalie Oschrin

City Council, At-Large, Charlottesville, VA

2023 Endorsement

Natalie is a determined candidate for Charlottesville City Council with a strong passion for building a connected community with affordable housing options and safe transportation infrastructure. Coming from a background of city schools and the University of Virginia, she is dedicated to uplifting the area's residents. Natalie recognizes that better housing, transportation, education, and employment opportunities go hand in hand, and she is committed to advocating for equitable policies to improve those areas together.

As someone who has spent years in the hospitality management sector, Natalie has become skilled in budgeting and consensus-building and has gained the expertise needed to see her goals through. Her ultimate objective is to address the root causes of displacement pressure and the insecurity surrounding housing, which pose significant challenges for community members concerning job retention, academic success, and managing their physical & mental health.

Natalie's holistic approach to creating a connected community recognizes that transportation is an issue of equity since a car-centric city places a disproportionate burden on low and fixed-income members of the community. Therefore, her priority is to ensure that citizens have access to continuous sidewalks, a more frequent bus system, and protected bike lanes, making traveling without a car comfortable and accessible to all.

By making affordable housing and safe transportation a top priority, Natalie is working to shape a community where all Charlottesville residents can thrive. With her dedication to fostering a connected city and her strong leadership skills, she is primed to make a significant impact on the community.