Andrea Hendrick

Andrea Hendrick

Mayor, Grand Haven, MI

2023 Endorsement

As a longtime resident of Grand Haven, Andrea knows firsthand the importance of reliable and proactive leadership. With four children growing up in the area, she understands the need for a strong economy, a clean environment, and citizen-centered decision-making. Andrea recognizes the critical point at which the city currently stands, requiring an innovative and forward-thinking approach to leadership.

Among her primary goals for the office, Andrea is focused on addressing Grand Haven's unfunded liability and collaboratively pursuing solutions for Harbor Island. She believes that by prioritizing talent retention, economic growth, and affordable housing, the city can work towards these objectives while remaining relevant and competitive among neighboring lakefront communities.

If elected, Andrea is committed to collaborative efforts with fellow Council members to ensure Grand Haven's continued success. With a keen understanding of the challenges facing the city and the opportunities for growth and development, she is looking toward the future with a clear vision of what can be accomplished through effective leadership and community-driven decision-making.