Hannah Trueblood

Hannah Trueblood

Mayor, Valparaiso, IN

2023 Endorsement

Hannah Trueblood is a respected leader with a strong commitment to improving her local community. With over six years of experience as a licensed real estate broker, Hannah has built a reputation for her honesty, ethical approach, and exceptional skills in negotiating contracts. In addition to her work in real estate, Hannah has been actively involved in politics since 2008, when she started volunteering for Organizing For America.

In 2022, Hannah served on the Porter County Tax Board of Appeals, where she demonstrated her ability to make sound decisions and her commitment to making a positive impact on her community. Throughout her nearly two decades of advocacy work, Hannah has always remained dedicated to helping those in need. She has fundraised extensively for The Caring Place, which is Porter County's domestic abuse shelter, and has organized various community events, such as park cleanups, donation drives for refugees, and volunteering for the overnight warming shelter.

Hannah is passionate about championing education, equality, and affordable housing in Valparaiso. She grew up in the Hilltop neighborhood of Valparaiso and has always been committed to making the town a more inclusive and welcoming place for all its residents. She has a deep understanding of the issues facing the community and is dedicated to finding solutions that meet the needs of all residents.

As a highly skilled and empathetic leader, Hannah Trueblood is a valuable asset to the Valparaiso community. Her commitment to improving the lives of those around her is evident in everything she does, and her passion is sure to inspire others to get involved and make a difference.