Travis Nembhard

Travis Nembhard

State House, District 22, VA

2023 Endorsement

Travis, a seasoned attorney, former financial regulator, and administrative law judge, is driven by his dedication to building a thriving community for his family. As he embarks on his campaign for VA House of Delegates District 22, Travis sets his sights on addressing critical matters affecting working families, with a particular emphasis on universal childcare and paid family leave.

With an unwavering commitment to social justice and equality, Travis aims to confront and rectify disparities while fostering transparency and accessibility across the board for all Virginians. Drawing from his extensive legal background, he believes in the power of bipartisanship and employs a measured approach to effectively tackle the unique challenges faced by each community.

An advocate for empowering communities and working families, Travis firmly believes that a strong economy resonates from a foundation of support and upliftment. By actively engaging with his constituents and understanding their concerns, Travis strives to forge an environment where individuals and families can flourish and unlock their full potential.

With comprehensive experience in both the legal and regulatory realms, Travis possesses a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the intricate workings of public policy. This expertise allows him to navigate complex issues and devise practical solutions that will drive progress and meaningful change in his district.

Travis' quest to represent VA House of Delegates District 22 is fueled by an unwavering determination to shape a brighter future for all. Through his tireless efforts and dedication to the community, he champions the cause of working families and endeavors to create an inclusive and prosperous environment for every Virginian.