Samantha Slaff

Samantha Slaff

Township Council, At-Large, Horsham Township, PA

2023 Endorsement

Sam is a dedicated individual who is passionate about making a positive impact in her community. Hailing originally from New Jersey, Sam made the conscious decision to relocate to Horsham Township after completing her graduate studies in Philadelphia, PA. With a keen affection for dogs, Sam has spent several years volunteering with various dog rescue organizations.

In addition to her love for our furry friends, Sam is an ardent fitness enthusiast who has actively participated in Crossfit Generation in Horsham for over a decade. This commitment to staying fit extends to her personal life, where she consistently incorporates healthy habits and routines.

Being a mother to an eight-year-old son who attends Hatboro-Horsham public school, Sam understands the importance of providing a vibrant and nurturing environment for children to thrive. She has always been an advocate for family-friendly initiatives and has enjoyed exploring and partaking in the numerous parks and activities offered by Horsham Township.

Now, Sam aspires to expand her involvement and represent the residents of Horsham Township as a leader in the Horsham Township Council. Equipped with her experience and passion, she aims to ensure fair representation for all residents, maintain and enhance the township's parks and public works, and cultivate a community that attracts and retains its residents.

With her unwavering dedication and commitment to the betterment of Horsham Township, Sam is poised to be the reliable and trustworthy leader that the community can count on.