Idris O'Connor

Idris O'Connor

County Board, Coles District, Prince William County, VA

2023 Endorsement

Idris is a dedicated leader with a passion for creating positive change within his community. With a background rooted in The Bronx, NY and Prince William County, Virginia, Idris has cultivated a unique perspective that drives his commitment to public service.

After graduating from Prince William County Public Schools, Idris continued his education at the Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership, Northern Virginia Community College, and George Mason University. It was during this time that he discovered his fervor for activism and community engagement.

Idris has taken significant steps to effect meaningful change in his community. As a proactive advocate for climate policies, he founded the Greater Prince William Climate Action Network, working at both the local and state levels to ensure the implementation of sustainable practices. Furthermore, Idris dedicated his time as a mentor for the NOVA MANUP Program from 2018 to 2020, supporting and guiding students of color as they strive for professional and academic success.

Recognizing the importance of social justice, Idris actively participates in the Prince William Area NAACP, where he works to address the inequalities that exist within the county. Additionally, he currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Prince William County Social Service Advisory Board, focusing on improving the quality of life for all residents. As Chairperson of the Cooperative Council of Ministries (CCoM), Idris offers leadership to a coalition of churches and nonprofits that advocate for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

With a commitment to fostering inclusivity and equality, Idris has decided to run for Coles District Supervisor in Prince William County. His goal is to provide every individual within the county with the opportunity to thrive, ensuring fair treatment for all.

Idris's advocacy work and dedication make him a prospective leader who will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on his community.