Conner Wood

Conner Wood

City Council, Ward 4, Jackson, MI

2023 Endorsement

Conner is a dedicated advocate who is running for Jackson City Council in Ward 4. As a young homeowner, husband, and father, Conner has a personal stake in the future of his community, which is why he is committed to making a positive impact over the next 50 years.

With a strong focus on long-term planning, Conner's primary goals involve tackling critical issues that affect the city of Jackson. This includes prioritizing the repair and maintenance of Jackson's roads and water systems. Additionally, Conner aims to enhance housing affordability, prepare for the impacts of climate change, advocate for best-value purchasing policies, and safeguard and expand civil rights and voting rights for all residents of Jackson.

Having started his career by working to elect progressive candidates, Conner brings a wealth of experience to the table. For the past five years, he has been actively involved in the labor movement, currently serving as a dedicated member of the Michigan AFL-CIO. Furthermore, Conner holds important leadership roles within the community, including the Chair of the Jackson Planning Commission, Secretary of the United Way Board of Directors, and memberships in noteworthy organizations such as the local NAACP, the Environmental Commission, and People for the Parks & Trails of Jackson.

Conner's commitment to making Jackson an inclusive and progressive city can also be seen in his efforts to pass important initiatives, such as the successful passage of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance in 2017. This groundbreaking legislation extended vital civil rights protections to the LGBTQ+ community, marking a significant step forward for equality in Jackson. Additionally, Conner served as the Chair of the Jackson County Democratic Party for four years, showcasing his dedication to public service and community building. He has also served on the Jackson Charter Review Committee and the Electoral College, further highlighting his passion for civic engagement and creating positive change.

With Conner's extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and forward-thinking approach, Jackson City Council Ward 4 can expect inclusive and effective leadership for a brighter future.