Trevor Rodgers

Trevor Rodgers

City Council, At-Large, Burton, MI

2023 Endorsement

Motivated by his belief that the government should serve the people, Trevor has taken a bold step by running for Burton City Council to offer honest and transparent leadership to the citizens.

Trevor's priorities revolve around crucial issues such as access to clean drinking water, investment in good-paying jobs, and increasing the housing supply. With his background as a former public sector employee, he is acutely aware of the challenges faced by city employees. One of Trevor's key objectives is to raise the retention rate for these employees. By doing so, he aims to reduce the unnecessary expenditure of public funds on repetitive trainings. This will not only promote efficiency but also foster a sense of stability and growth within the workforce.

Moreover, Trevor is steadfast in his commitment to providing the best possible services to the citizens. He firmly believes that public funds should be utilized wisely and transparently to nurture opportunities for new residents and businesses, thus expanding the tax base. By promoting economic growth and attracting new investments, Trevor aims to create a vibrant community with a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

With his genuine passion for serving the community, Trevor is a candidate who is determined to bring meaningful change to the citizens of Burton. Through his advocacy for essential public services, financial responsibility, and sustainable growth, he is dedicated to leading the city towards a better tomorrow.

Trevor, along with his wife Katie, takes great pride in being devoted parents to their son and value the opportunities they have been able to provide for him, thanks to their careers in the UAW (United Auto Workers) and MEA (Michigan Education Association).