Tommy Butler

Tommy Butler

City Council, Ward 1, Greeley, CO

2023 Endorsement

Tommy has been diligently serving as the Ward 1 representative on the Greeley City Council since 2019. With his dedication and commitment to the community, he is now seeking re-election for another term to continue advocating for the needs of his constituents.

During his first term, Tommy has been instrumental in addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing in Greeley. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, he has actively participated in city council votes to approve various projects that aim to provide affordable housing options. Under his leadership, Greeley has seen the development of over 920 units of truly affordable housing since last year, including the largest Habitat for Humanity development in the state of Colorado. Moreover, Tommy worked tirelessly to expand the G-Hope program, which assists individuals with home down-payment assistance, ultimately enabling more people to live and work in Greeley.

In addition to his unwavering advocacy for affordable housing, Tommy has also prioritized sustainability initiatives within the city. He has consistently pushed for expanded recycling services, which led to the establishment of a glass drop-off recycling program. In its inaugural year, this program successfully recycled an impressive 21.66 tons of glass. Tommy has also been a strong voice in advocating for equitable infrastructure investment. His efforts have resulted in crucial repairs to sidewalks and roads, including securing funding for the renovation of the 5th Street sidewalk and road between 14th and 23rd Avenues.

With his impressive track record of accomplishments, Tommy is determined to continue his advocacy for Northeast Greeley on the City Council. His passion for affordable housing, sustainability, and equitable infrastructure investments make him the ideal candidate to represent the voices and aspirations of the community. Tommy's re-election will ensure that the interests of Ward 1 residents remain at the forefront of city council decision-making.