Chris Hollins

Chris Hollins

Controller, Houston, TX

2023 Endorsement

With a passion for Houston and a deep understanding of the challenges the city faces, Chris is committed to finding effective solutions that benefit the entire community. As an experienced County Clerk who fought for innovative voting methods, including drive-thru and 24-hour voting, Chris has proven his dedication to protecting the rights of all citizens and ensuring their voices are heard.

Now, as City Controller, Chris aims to lay down a foundation of transparency and accountability. Drawing on data-driven insights and best practices from around the country, he seeks to address the rising cost of living and the budget gap, all while increasing investment in critical city services. By safeguarding tax dollars and combating waste, fraud, and abuse, Chris strives to maximize the impact of every dollar invested in the city's development.

Chris' vision for Houston extends beyond fiscal responsibility. He is determined to make the city the safest major city in America, building a strong and vibrant local economy that provides limitless possibilities for children and families. By prioritizing safety and creating an environment conducive to economic growth, Chris seeks to ensure that Houston remains a welcoming and prosperous community for all.

Driven by a firm belief in the power of collaboration and proactive problem-solving, Chris is ready to tackle the complex issues facing Houston head-on. Through his determined leadership and commitment to the community, he envisions a future where Houston thrives, and its residents can confidently pursue their dreams.