Ariane Paviani

Ariane Paviani

Mayor, Rochester Hills, MI

2023 Endorsement

Ariane is a dedicated advocate for the Rochester Hills community, driven by her passion for service. Growing up in the city and attending Rochester Community School, she developed a strong sense of commitment to making a difference. After gaining valuable experience at a local church, Ariane expanded her horizons by contributing to an organization combatting human trafficking on an international level.

Returning to Rochester Hills, Ariane was determined to use her service-oriented zeal to benefit the community she holds dear. Her leadership is grounded in three key priorities: fostering balanced future planning, ensuring effective governance, and safeguarding the city's natural beauty and environment. She firmly believes that by advocating for responsible economic growth, promoting social initiatives, and preserving our invaluable natural resources, Rochester Hills can thrive in harmony with its surroundings.

With a focus on balanced future planning, Ariane aims to create a community that is sustainable and forward-thinking. By implementing initiatives that support responsible development and infrastructure, she envisions a Rochester Hills that meets the needs of its residents both now and in the future.

Ariane also recognizes the importance of good governance in maintaining a thriving community. She places emphasis on transparency, accountability, and integrity in all aspects of city administration, ensuring that the voices of residents are heard and valued.

Through her dedication and vision, Ariane strives to build a Rochester Hills that not only thrives economically but also remains a place where residents are proud to call home. By combining her local knowledge with her global perspective, she is able to bring a unique and valuable perspective to the table.