Kelly Garcia

Kelly Garcia

City Council, At-Large, Chelsea, MA

2023 Endorsement

Kelly, a native of Chelsea, is a remarkable educator, Chairwoman of the Chelsea School Committee, and a diligent community organizer. With a passion for education, Kelly embarked on her professional journey as a Special Education Teacher, all while pursuing her Master's Degree from Boston University through Teach For America. Demonstrating her exceptional dedication and aptitude, Kelly became, at the age of 21, the youngest school committee official ever elected in her district.

Through her leadership, she successfully drafted and passed a landmark Safe-Haven Resolution, which protects undocumented students and ensures their safety within the school community. Additionally, Kelly championed several other unanimous resolutions that have positively impacted the education system in Chelsea. She also played a key role in the superintendent search committee, facilitating the hiring of the district's first Latinx Superintendent and the first-ever Officer of Equity, Diversity, and Excellence.

Emphasizing the significance of equitable practices in education, Kelly co-founded the Equity Committee, a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing and resolving equity issues within our schools. Understanding the importance of career and higher education planning, Kelly also co-founded the College and Career Advisory, a program that fosters awareness and preparedness among students of all grade levels.

Beyond her work in education, Kelly is deeply committed to addressing the challenges faced by the families in her community. As a City Councilor, she tirelessly advocates for their needs, striving to create positive change and improve the quality of life for all.

Kelly's unwavering dedication, accomplishments, and commitment to her community make her a truly exceptional individual. Her ongoing efforts continue to shape and uplift Chelsea, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of its residents.