Andrew Ashiofu

Andrew Ashiofu

City Council, District 3, Seattle, WA

2023 Endorsement

Andrew is a dedicated candidate running for Seattle City Council, driven by his passion for improving the material conditions of the residents in District 3 and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all. As a first-generation immigrant from Nigeria, Andrew has overcome adversity and discrimination to reach his current position.

Since arriving in Seattle, Andrew has fully immersed himself in the community, holding influential positions such as the Chair of the Washington Stonewall Democrats, Co-Chair of the Seattle LGBTQ+ Commission, and serving as a board member for both Gay City and the People Of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN). As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and someone who is living with HIV, Andrew is incredibly resilient and refuses to let his condition hinder his community service efforts.

Previous experience as a health services manager working closely with the unhoused community has provided Andrew with invaluable insights and understanding of the challenges faced by these vulnerable individuals. Utilizing public transit daily, he recognizes the vital role it plays in shaping the city's transportation infrastructure and is committed to addressing its needs.

Andrew's remarkable empathy and unwavering dedication to creating an accepting and inclusive Seattle makes him an ideal choice for the City Council. He deeply cherishes the community he serves and pledges to work diligently to represent their interests if elected. With Andrew's leadership, District 3 can look forward to positive changes that cater to the diverse needs of its residents.