Erin Barr

Erin Barr

Commonwealths Attorney, Chesterfield County, VA

2023 Endorsement

Erin is an accomplished career prosecutor with extensive experience serving the Chesterfield community. For over a decade, she has worked diligently as both an Assistant and Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, consistently delivering justice to the residents of Chesterfield.

With a strong focus on cases related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, Erin's work has earned her widespread recognition and respect. She has been honored by esteemed organizations such as the Chesterfield County Police Department, Virginia Association of Commonwealth's Attorneys, Virginia Attorney General's Office, and the Chesterfield Domestic Violence Task Force for her exceptional dedication to supporting and advocating for victims.

Erin firmly believes in the effective and skilled prosecution of violent crimes, advocating for the incarceration of individuals who perpetrate such offenses. However, she also recognizes the importance of community safety through the rehabilitation and support of non-violent offenders struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorders.

Notably, Erin supports the responsible ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. Nevertheless, she is a vocal advocate for implementing common sense gun reforms that prevent individuals who pose a danger to the community from accessing firearms.

Drawing from her extensive experience as a prosecutor, Erin understands that politics should never interfere with the pursuit of justice. Her unwavering commitment lies in ensuring the protection of both victims and defendants' rights, while prioritizing outcomes that safeguard public safety.

With Erin's profound dedication and unwavering sense of justice, the residents of Chesterfield can trust that their community is in capable hands.