Kinya Middleton

Kinya Middleton

City Council, District 2, Binghamton, NY

2023 Endorsement

Kinya is a dedicated resident of Binghamton with a deep passion for her community. Her decision to run for city council in the second district was fueled by the issues she has heard from residents and her own personal experiences. One of the key concerns raised by the community is the lack of affordable housing, which Kinya understands to be a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. She also recognizes the importance of providing more opportunities for the youth, as well as enhancing public safety and improving local infrastructure.

Binghamton, with its rich history and cultural diversity, holds great potential for growth and development. As a resident and a mother raising her children in this vibrant city, Kinya is fully aware of the challenges that Binghamton faces. Poverty, lack of affordable housing, limited opportunities for the youth, and inadequate public infrastructure are just a few of the significant issues that need attention.

Kinya's involvement in various community organizations has provided her with valuable insight into these challenges. Previously, she served as the Vice Chair of the Binghamton Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC), where she gained firsthand experience in aiding the recommendation process for federal CDBG fund spending. In addition, she held the position of Co-President at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and worked as the General Manager at the Greater Good Grocery Store, located in a food desert.

Through these experiences, Kinya has recognized the crucial role of City Council in ensuring equitable distribution of resources to tackle community struggles. By running for city council, she aims to utilize her knowledge and dedication to make a positive impact in addressing the challenges faced by Binghamton. Kinya firmly believes that with the right leadership and collaborative efforts, Binghamton can overcome these obstacles and thrive as a more inclusive and prosperous community for all its residents.