Priya Tamilarasan

Priya Tamilarasan

City Attorney, Gahanna, OH

2023 Endorsement

Priya is a dedicated and dynamic individual who is determined to make a positive impact in Gahanna as she runs for the position of City Attorney. With a clear vision for change, she aims to break barriers and create a more inclusive and effective administration. If elected, Priya will become the first woman, the first person of color, and the first Democrat to hold this office, which will bring a fresh and invaluable perspective to the role.

Having grown up as the child of immigrants, Priya understands the importance of fighting against systemic and historical barriers. She firmly believes that one's background should never define their limits, fueling her passion to create an environment where everyone has equal opportunities. With over 12 years of experience as a practicing trial attorney, Priya has established herself as a strong and compassionate advocate, assisting individuals in overcoming adversity and finding hope during their most challenging times.

Priya's commitment to serving the community extends beyond her legal profession. Recognizing the need for improved communication with residents, increased transparency, and the reform of the Mayor's Court to ensure due process rights, she is dedicated to driving positive change in Gahanna. By fostering open lines of communication and implementing necessary reforms, Priya aims to establish a city administration that truly reflects the needs and values of its residents.

Passionate, determined, and driven, Priya is a strong candidate who will be an advocate for progress and equity in Gahanna. With her unique background and extensive legal expertise, she is poised to lead the way in building a more inclusive and prosperous community for all its residents.