Jenna Yeakle

Jenna Yeakle

City Council, At-Large, Duluth, MN

2023 Endorsement

Jenna is a dedicated community organizer with a passion for environmental advocacy. Born and raised in Duluth, Jenna understands the unique challenges and opportunities that the city presents. Currently residing in the Denfeld neighborhood with her partner Chris, their dog, and a lively flock of backyard chickens, Jenna is deeply rooted in her local community.

Motivated by her personal experiences, Jenna is running for Duluth City Council At-Large with a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Having personally navigated the intricacies of social assistance programs, challenged predatory landlords through a class action lawsuit, and tackled the daily hurdles of balancing multiple low-wage jobs without a car, Jenna possesses a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing Duluthians.

Jenna's own transformative experience with organized labor has empowered her to advocate for the rights and well-being of others. Her union job has provided her with a valuable financial safety net, paid sick time, and access to essential mental healthcare. It was through this stability that she proudly achieved her dream of becoming a first-time homeowner.

If elected, Jenna aims to tackle three key issues that she believes are crucial for the development and prosperity of Duluth. First and foremost, she is committed to building thriving neighborhoods that foster a sense of community and well-being. Additionally, Jenna recognizes the urgent need to increase affordable housing options across all income levels, ensuring that everyone has a safe and stable place to call home. Lastly, she is passionate about investing in transportation alternatives that prioritize the needs of the people, promoting sustainable and accessible mobility solutions.

With her deep local roots, personal experiences, and commitment to social and environmental justice, Jenna is a strong candidate who is ready to serve the people of Duluth as a City Councilor At-Large.