Terry Vo

Terry Vo

Metro Council, District 17, Nashville, TN

2023 Endorsement

Terry is a dynamic leader who embodies the spirit of a first-generation Vietnamese-American and the daughter of hardworking immigrants. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a commitment to serving others through her roles as a neighborhood leader, non-profit founder, and government and community affairs consultant. Born and raised in Arkansas, Terry's education in the Fort Smith Public Schools instilled in her a deep sense of community and the value of public service.

Terry's global career began in Japan, where she worked for the Japanese government before moving to Nashville to work for the Consulate-General of Japan. Seeking further opportunities abroad, she ventured to Australia, where she gained valuable experience in community affairs consulting. However, her passion for public service led her back to Nashville, where she immersed herself in politics and telecommunications.

What sets Terry apart is her unwavering commitment to public service and community building. She firmly believes in prioritizing the voices of the people, ensuring that their concerns and aspirations are heard and addressed. With a strong record of public service, advocacy, and dedication, Terry is prepared to fight for the interests of the residents of District 17.

Outside of her professional life, Terry enjoys pursuing her hobbies. She is an avid gardener and takes pride in her role as a co-founder of a book club. Above all, she is a proud Chestnut Hill resident in Nashville, cherishing the community that has become her home.

With Terry's vast experience, dedication to serving others, and passion for community building, she is well-equipped to make a positive impact as a leader in District 17.