Caroline Tanbee Smith

Caroline Tanbee Smith

Board of Alders, Ward 9, New Haven, CT

2023 Endorsement

Caroline is an accomplished local leader dedicated to tackling the various challenges faced by New Haven. With a solid background in community engagement, she has thrown her hat into the ring for the position of Alder of Ward 9. Caroline aims to not only advocate for her neighbors in the Fair Haven and East Rock neighborhoods but also to foster a sense of unity and collaboration among residents across the entire city.

Having resided in New Haven for over a decade, Caroline brings with her a wealth of experience and accomplishments. She is the co-founder of Collab, a renowned nonprofit organization that assists individuals in overcoming obstacles to establish their own businesses. Collab specifically focuses on empowering women, individuals with lower incomes, people of color, and immigrants. Its support has had a transformative impact, aiding hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs annually in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Additionally, Caroline initiated New Haven Bike Month, an event that has successfully brought residents together to advocate for safer streets and sidewalks accessible to all. Recognizing the need for community resources, she also co-founded aapiNHV, which provides invaluable support and services to the city's burgeoning Asian community.

If elected as Alder, Caroline will leverage her extensive experience and amplify the voices of New Haven residents on critical issues. Her primary areas of focus include promoting economic opportunities for all, prioritizing safe streets and enhancing residents' overall quality of life, advocating for climate justice and the green economy, and championing protections for the city's LGBTQ+ community.

With her proven dedication and commitment, Caroline is well-poised to make a significant difference as Alder of Ward 9 and bring about positive change for the entire New Haven community.