Leah Wolfthal

Leah Wolfthal

City Council, At-Large 1, Houston, TX

2023 Endorsement

Leah is a dedicated nonprofit leader who is running for Houston City Council At Large 1. Raised by two teachers, Leah was instilled with a strong sense of service from a young age. With years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Leah has successfully brought people together across diverse backgrounds to develop and implement solutions that enhance communities.

As the former Executive Director of the Center for Urban Transformation in Houston's Fifth Ward, Leah spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives by cultivating partnerships and advocating for funding. One notable achievement was the establishment of an outreach program, which connected unemployed and underemployed community members with lucrative job opportunities on a local development project. Prior to this role, Leah contributed her expertise to renowned nonprofits including Feeding Texas and Communities in Schools, as well as the University of Houston.

If elected to Houston City Council, Leah's primary goal will be to foster collaboration among stakeholders who may hold differing perspectives. By bridging divisions and forging consensus, she plans to tackle critical issues that the city faces, such as the hefty annual budget deficit, corruption, and aging infrastructure.

Leah is a proud graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and has furthered her education by obtaining a Master's Degree from the University of Houston, along with certification in mediation. Her formidable educational background, coupled with her extensive work experience, equips her with the skills necessary to confront the challenges Houston encounters.

Leah's unwavering commitment to public service, coupled with her proven ability to drive positive change in communities, positions her as a formidable candidate for Houston City Council At Large 1.