Jared Behr

Jared Behr

Supervisor, Town of Oyster Bay, NY

2023 Endorsement

Jared is a dedicated leader and advocate for the residents of the Town of Oyster Bay. Born and raised on Long Island, Jared has a deep understanding of the community's needs and a strong commitment to improving the lives of its residents. As a former prosecutor and practicing trial attorney, Jared brings a wealth of knowledge in ethics and the law to his role as a candidate for Supervisor.

With a community-oriented approach, Jared aims to address the concerns and issues facing Oyster Bay residents. Having successfully managed his family's small business following his father's passing, Jared possesses the unique insight and experience necessary to steer the Town towards a bright future. His understanding of both legal matters and the challenges faced by local businesses makes him well-suited to lead a new generation of leadership in Oyster Bay.

Jared's motivation to seek public office stems from his strong belief that the system of preferential treatment and access within Oyster Bay's government must come to an end. Inspired by his late mother's advocacy for women's rights and his own passion for public service, Jared is a compassionate and competent candidate for Supervisor.

Driven by a desire to promote safety, well-being, and prosperity, Jared is dedicated to tackling the corruption scandals that have tarnished Oyster Bay's reputation. With an unwavering commitment to protecting public funds and restoring trust in local government, Jared Behr aims to make a difference and build a better future for the Town of Oyster Bay.