Spencer Calhoun

Spencer Calhoun

City Commission, Mount Clemens, MI

2023 Endorsement

Spencer is a passionate and dedicated individual who has made it his mission to effect positive change and advocate for his community. With a strong background in fostering civic engagement in marginalized communities, he has proven himself as a dynamic leader and a tireless advocate for quality public education, homeless youth, and working families.

Having experienced homelessness as a teenager, Spencer understands firsthand the challenges and struggles faced by vulnerable individuals and families. This personal experience has fueled his drive to make a difference and has led him to coordinate multiple voter registration drives. Through these initiatives, he has empowered marginalized individuals to exercise their right to vote, amplifying their voices and ensuring their concerns are taken into account.

In addition to his community advocacy work, Spencer has also taken on the role of mentor, providing guidance and support to other young leaders in Macomb County. By sharing his experiences and offering assistance, he has helped nurture the growth and development of these emerging leaders, ensuring a stronger, more inclusive future for the community.

Now, Spencer is taking his commitment to the next level by running for a seat on the Mount Clemens City Commission. Seeking to represent over 15,000 of his neighbors, he aims to collaborate with the community in order to find equitable solutions to the various issues facing the city. His key priorities include citywide economic development, the revitalization of outdated infrastructure, and the support and enhancement of the city's parks, community centers, and neighborhood clubs.

With his unwavering determination, genuine compassion, and deep understanding of the needs of his community, Spencer is well-equipped to make a meaningful impact as a member of the Mount Clemens City Commission. Through his leadership, he envisions a more prosperous and inclusive city for all its residents.