Kyra deGruy Kennedy

Kyra deGruy Kennedy

State House, District 30, CO

2024 Endorsement

Kyra is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in policy change and progressive organizing. Her passion for creating a better future for her daughter, and all children, drives her to run for State Representative. With a focus on clean air, reducing gun violence, and improving public education, Kyra aims to create a safe and nurturing community for everyone.

Throughout her career, Kyra has played a critical role in the passing of more than 50 state policies. Notably, she worked on the bill that established the right to abortion in Colorado, demonstrating her commitment to reproductive rights. Additionally, Kyra has worked on legislation aimed at preventing dangerous individuals from accessing firearms, highlighting her dedication to promoting safety within our communities.

In addition to her policy work, Kyra has also made significant contributions as a leader in progressive organizations. Through her leadership, she has supported the successful passage of several ballot initiatives, including funding for her county's public school system. Furthermore, Kyra has provided mentorship to nearly 100 young individuals seeking to channel their personal experiences into positive change.

With her wealth of experience and a heartfelt dedication to making a difference, Kyra is determined to continue fighting for a better future as State Representative. Her unwavering commitment to her community is a testament to her ability to drive meaningful change.