Amy Sarno

Amy Sarno

School Board, Allegheny Valley, PA

2023 Endorsement

Amy is a dedicated educator and passionate advocate for gun violence prevention. In 2022, she was appointed to an open seat on her local school board, which happens to be her alma mater. Now, Amy is running to continue her impactful work for a 4-year term.

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amy attended several virtual board meetings and fearlessly spoke out in support of the school district's health and safety plan. It was during this period that she realized her deep desire to become more involved and contribute her valuable experience and background to the district. Amy's active involvement with the elementary school's PTA, where she serves as an integral member, is a testament to her commitment to education. Together with her husband, she also volunteers in their son's classroom for various events and holiday parties. On top of these contributions, Amy initiated a committee to spearhead the construction of a playground at the elementary school—a project that is now nearing completion.

As a school director, Amy's primary objectives are focused on improving the outdoor spaces at both school buildings, ensuring the selection of comprehensive curriculum materials, and advocating for research-based, trauma-informed school safety policies and practices. She firmly believes that creating wholesome, engaging environments for students is instrumental in fostering their holistic development and maximizing their potential. Furthermore, Amy recognizes the crucial role that well-designed curricula and evidence-based safety measures play in providing a safe and nurturing educational experience for all students.

Amy's unwavering dedication to education, coupled with her genuine concern for student welfare and safety, make her an exceptional candidate for school director. Through her leadership, she aims to bring about positive changes that will benefit not only the current generation of students, but also those to come.