Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Board of Commissioners, At-Large, Hillsborough, NC

2023 Endorsement

Matt is a dedicated advocate for progressive causes, having devoted over a decade of his career to making a positive impact on his community. His current role at Blueprint North Carolina, a non-profit network encompassing more than 50 organizations, allows him to contribute to training initiatives and facilitate resource sharing for civic engagement. By fostering a healthy democracy, Matt actively works towards empowering individuals to create meaningful change.

Originally from Orange County, Matt is now running for a second term to represent his hometown. With a deep-rooted belief in the strength of communities, he is committed to ensuring that Hillsborough thrives. To Matt, the well-being and prosperity of its people are of utmost importance. He recognizes that when individuals are healthier, better educated, and feel secure, the entire community flourishes.

Matt's dedication to his constituents is evident in his daily efforts to fulfill the promises made by Hillsborough. He is particularly invested in uplifting the most vulnerable members of society, striving to bridge the social and economic disparities that exist. Through his relentless work, Matt aims to create a brighter future for all residents, regardless of their background or circumstances.

With his extensive experience in progressive advocacy and a sincere commitment to his community, Matt is well-positioned to continue making a meaningful impact as he seeks another term in office.