Connor Moreton

Connor Moreton

City Council, At Large, Saint Bernard, OH

2023 Endorsement

Connor is a compassionate and purpose-driven individual who is currently running for St. Bernard Council in Ohio. With a focus on consistent and structured constituent outreach, Connor aims to ensure that the people of St. Bernard feel seen and heard. Drawing on his experience in community research and analytics, he relies on data-driven, community-centered insights to inform his initiatives.

Originally from a small town just a few hours north, Connor chose to make St. Bernard his home after moving there to work as a strategy analyst for a tea company. He was warmly welcomed by the community, receiving kindness, support, and even assistance with his lawnmower when it broke down. This experience deepened his love and appreciation for St. Bernard, motivating him to give back to the community.

Connor's vision for St. Bernard includes more comprehensive committee reporting to establish a culture of continuous improvement. He also advocates for collaborative legislation that leverages expert insight, ensuring that laws and ordinances are well-informed and effective. Additionally, he believes in providing more opportunities for community feedback, allowing neighbors to share their perspectives and have their voices heard.

Through his commitment to community and his dedication to fostering meaningful change, Connor is poised to make a positive impact as a member of St. Bernard Council.