Genevieve Flieger

Genevieve Flieger

City Council Ward 4, North Ridgeville, OH

2023 Endorsement

Genevieve is a dedicated advocate for sustainability and is running for city council in North Ridgeville. With a firm belief in responsible stewardship of the planet, Genevieve is committed to bringing environmental consciousness to her community. Demonstrating her commitment, she has transformed a section of her yard into a Monarch Waystation, using native plants and eschewing pesticides to create a healthy habitat for Monarchs and other pollinators. Genevieve recognizes that implementing sustainable practices extends beyond just environmental concerns, and she envisions a North Ridgeville that integrates environmental protection into all aspects of city life. From the improvement of infrastructure for effective flood water management to the development of a new city center, Genevieve aims to prioritize environmental sustainability throughout.

In addition to her passion for sustainability, Genevieve boasts an extensive professional background in the home building and mortgage industries, specializing in finance, accounting, and customer service. Furthermore, she has a longstanding history of community engagement, having volunteered for over 12 years at Angel's Haven Horse Rescue. During her time there, Genevieve not only trained horses but also shared her knowledge of horse care and riding with countless children and adults hailing from various parts of Northeast Ohio.

Understanding the challenges faced by residents, particularly seniors on fixed incomes, Genevieve is keenly aware of the pressing issue of the rising cost of living. She firmly believes in prioritizing projects that benefit all residents while carefully scrutinizing unnecessary spending. By focusing on the needs of the community, Genevieve aims to restore trust in local government and foster a sense of unity among residents.

Genevieve's candidacy for city council brings together her passion for sustainability, professional expertise in finance and customer service, and her commitment to community service. With her visionary leadership, she seeks to create a North Ridgeville that not only thrives economically but also holds environmental preservation and the well-being of its residents at the forefront.