Jason Bonilla

Jason Bonilla

School Board, Ward 5, Manchester, NH

2023 Endorsement

Jason is a dedicated advocate for the youth, which led him to work for City Year in New Hampshire in 2017. He has a passion for empowering young people, which stems from his own background and experiences growing up. Having witnessed firsthand the importance of representation, Jason devoted many years of service with AmeriCorps/City Year, connecting with students who shared similar life experiences.

Jason’s commitment to community service has allowed him to build strong relationships with mentors and friends from various backgrounds and intersections of identity. Recognizing that his own identity is interconnected with politics, Jason actively works towards achieving racial equity. This commitment motivated him to apply for the Equity Leader Fellowship, co-found the NH Millennials of Color, and run for a position on the Manchester School District’s Board of School Committee in 2022.

Reflecting on his experience in the ELF program, Jason attributes it to helping him find a sense of belonging and ultimately choosing to settle in New Hampshire. At 32 years old, he has become a homeowner and an elected official, demonstrating the hard work, dedication, and compassion that define who he is today.