Obi Ezeadi

Obi Ezeadi

State Senate, District 19, CO

2024 Endorsement

Obi is an influential leader who is committed to making a difference in his community. With a strong focus on family and a background as a first-generation American, Obi's dedication to serving others runs deep. Growing up in challenging circumstances with a hardworking mother and a public school teacher, Obi's journey from poverty to economic self-sufficiency is an inspiration that has shaped his entrepreneurial spirit.

As a City Councilor for Westminster, Obi achieved remarkable milestones. Not only did he become the second Black councilor in 110 years, but he also received the highest number of votes ever recorded for a city councilor in the city's history. His impact is tangible through his work in implementing transformative change. By securing approval for a new water treatment plant, Obi has ensured that future generations will have access to clean drinking water. Moreover, he has passed legislation promoting economic growth and spearheaded the largest-ever investment in road infrastructure, housing, and behavioral health services for firefighters.

With an extensive leadership background in housing, healthcare, transportation, and technology, Obi's pro-union stance reflects his commitment to fostering positive change. Additionally, he serves as an active board member for several influential nonprofits that are making a significant impact in their respective fields. Obi Ezeadi's authentic and transformative leadership has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on his community.