Amanda Rubeck

Amanda Rubeck

Town Council, At-Large, Zionsville, IN

2023 Endorsement

Amanda, a resident of Zionsville, is an accomplished professional in the financial sector with over 20 years of experience. She resides in Zionsville with her husband, Brent Rubeck, and two daughters. As a dedicated Hoosier, Amanda has chosen Zionsville as the perfect place to raise her family.

Currently, Amanda holds a prominent position at STAR Bank, where she oversees 22 locations in Central Indiana. Her extensive expertise in the financial sector allows her to work effectively with diverse teams and individuals. In her role, Amanda collaborates with multiple lines of business and municipalities, demonstrating her ability to navigate complex environments successfully.

With Zionsville on the cusp of critical growth and redevelopment, Amanda is motivated to contribute to the community by running for Zionsville Town Council At-Large. Recognizing the importance of strategic planning for the future while preserving the town's unique charm, she aims to bring her wealth of knowledge in municipal finance to the council.

Amanda's leadership style is defined by collaboration and inclusivity, traits that have proven essential in her professional career. She is committed to focusing her efforts on addressing the specific needs of Zionsville, ensuring its continued success and prosperity.

By leveraging her expertise, collaborative approach, and dedication to the town, Amanda Rubeck is poised to make a positive impact as a member of the Zionsville Town Council At-Large. Her passion for her community drives her commitment to making informed decisions that will benefit Zionsville and its residents.