Chad Aull

Chad Aull

State House, District 79, KY

2024 Endorsement

Chad is a State Representative serving in the General Assembly. He was elected in 2022 and is currently a Freshman member. In addition to his role as a legislator, Chad holds the position of Freshman House Democratic caucus chair.

During the 2023 Legislative session, Chad distinguished himself as one of the few Democratic members who successfully passed legislation. He collaborated with members of the majority party to pass a bipartisan bill that permits schools, both public and private, to have a designated School Resource Officer on campus. This legislation aims to enhance school safety and facilitate a swift response in the unfortunate event of a school shooting.

Chad has also sponsored several bills addressing important issues. He has proposed measures related to underage drinking and driving, bio-marker testing to improve the detection of rare forms of cancer, the removal of confederate holidays from Kentucky state statute, and the expansion of the Child Nutrition program to combat childhood hunger.

Chad resides in Lexington along with his wife Marisa, their 16-year-old daughter Isabella, and 6-year-old son William.