Ravi Shah

Ravi Shah

Board of Education, At-Large, Tucson, AZ

2024 Endorsement

Dr. Ravi is a dedicated candidate for re-election on the TUSD Governing Board. With his expertise as a community family physician, he has successfully implemented evidence-based policies during his first term. Driven by data, he has prioritized important issues such as Covid mitigation, addressing student addiction, classroom sizes, and curriculum development.

Throughout his tenure, Dr. Ravi has been a strong advocate for teachers and staff. He has passionately fought for improved wages and benefits, recognizing that the working conditions of educators directly impact the learning conditions of students. In his second term, he will continue to champion initiatives that attract and retain top-tier professionals in the field of education.

As a proud parent of three children in the TUSD system, Dr. Ravi is personally invested in ensuring that all Tucson kids receive an exceptional education. He firmly believes that every student should have equal opportunities, regardless of their racial background or zip code. By addressing disparities and promoting equity, he aims to create an inclusive learning environment for every student.

Dr. Ravi has shown unwavering support for LGBTQ+ students during his first term. As a member of this community himself, he understands the challenges they face and will continue to advocate for their rights and well-being.

Drawing on his experience as a non-profit business leader, Dr. Ravi is well-equipped to make sound financial decisions that prioritize both current and future needs. Balancing budgets effectively, he will ensure that resources are allocated wisely to benefit the entire TUSD community.

If re-elected, Dr. Ravi will continue to bring his combination of expertise, compassion, and commitment to the TUSD Governing Board. His dedication to improving educational opportunities for all students, advocating for teachers and staff, and empowering marginalized groups makes him a strong candidate for the position.