Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns

Mayor, Euclid, OH

2023 Endorsement

Daniel is a dedicated father, husband, and attorney who is passionate about improving the city of Euclid. With a strong desire to create a safe environment that uplifts its residents, Daniel has decided to run for Mayor of Euclid.

Recognizing that Euclid has fallen from its former glory as a prominent First Ring suburb of Cleveland, Daniel is determined to turn things around. He firmly believes that the city should prioritize the needs of its residents over cosmetic projects. Listening to the concerns and desires of the people and promptly delivering effective solutions are among Daniel's top priorities.

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing and faith, Daniel is driven by the belief that helping others is the ultimate life goal. He envisions Euclid as a city that actively works towards improving the lives of its residents in measurable and tangible ways. To achieve this, he knows that bold and visionary leadership, coupled with a sense of urgency, is vital.

With a background in law and experience in teaching nonprofit boards, managing professional volunteer teams, and engaging with Euclid's Council on legislative matters, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Drawing from his diverse professional and personal experiences, he aims to unify Euclid and demonstrate the city's unwavering commitment to its residents.

Consider voting for Daniel as Mayor of Euclid, as his dedication, experience, and passion make him an ideal candidate to lead the city into a brighter future.