Aftyn Behn

Aftyn Behn

State House, District 51, TN

2023 Endorsement

Aftyn is a licensed social worker with a lifelong commitment to advocating for Tennessee families. Throughout her career, she has been at the forefront of driving policies that promote the well-being of working families across the state. With her extensive experience, Aftyn is poised to take on the role of Tennessee State Representative.

A champion of social causes, Aftyn has tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness on the impact of healthcare policies under the Trump administration. She has traveled extensively across the state, engaging communities and shedding light on the challenges faced by Tennessee residents. Moreover, Aftyn's dedication to supporting victims of sexual assault was evident through her participation in the Expel David Byrd campaign, where she fearlessly fought for justice at the legislature.

Aftyn's advocacy work has proven to be impactful, as she has played a significant role in challenging extreme politicians by orchestrating relentless pressure campaigns resulting in resignations and retirements. Her efforts have also extended into the realm of elections, where she has successfully mobilized support for Democrats at all levels of government. Her ultimate goal is to create a Tennessee For All, where every resident can thrive.

Drawing on her experiences as the Campaign Director at and her work as an organizer with Indivisible, Aftyn has honed her skills in strategic planning and coalition-building. She understands the importance of mobilizing neighborhoods within her district and forging multi-racial coalitions in order to challenge the status quo and combat extremism. A true advocate for change, Aftyn is proud to stand alongside the #TennesseeThree in their fight for a better future.

With her unwavering determination and deep understanding of the issues facing Tennesseans, Aftyn is prepared to become a formidable force as a Tennessee State Representative.