Javier Mabrey

Javier Mabrey

State House, District 1, CO

2024 Endorsement

Javier is a candidate seeking re-election to represent Colorado’s House District 1, with a firm focus on advocating for hardworking families. Throughout his tenure in the legislature, Javier has successfully spearheaded key legislation surrounding gun safety, healthcare accessibility, affordable housing, protection for the elderly and disabled, as well as support for the underprivileged. These accomplishments firmly echo his commitment to economic justice, affordable housing, racial equality, and universal healthcare.

Javier's journey into the legal profession as an eviction defense lawyer was deeply influenced by his personal experiences. Raised in south Denver by his permanently disabled mother, Catherine, on a single income derived from her Social Security Disability check, the family regularly faced various hardships. From food and housing insecurity to eventual eviction and homelessness at the age of 15, these challenges provided Javier with a profound understanding of the struggles faced by many families.

With an unwavering dedication to representing everyday people, Javier has consistently displayed his advocacy skills in both the courtroom and the Capitol. As he seeks re-election, he is fully committed to pursuing his advocacy for affordable housing, racial justice, improved education facilities, and universal healthcare for all Coloradans. By leveraging his track record and experience, Javier aims to continue his fight for the betterment of Colorado's communities.