Juan Marcano

Juan Marcano

Mayor, Aurora, CO

2023 Endorsement

Juan is a dedicated community advocate and public servant who currently represents Ward IV on the Aurora City Council. With a strong commitment to his constituents and a genuine passion for improving the city, Juan has been an influential voice in local government since assuming office in December 2019. Now, Juan is setting his sights even higher by running for Mayor of Aurora.

As a proud brother and husband, Juan understands the importance of creating a safe, clean, and thriving city for all residents. Aurora, known for its diversity, holds a special place in his heart, and he firmly believes that the strength of this diversity should be celebrated and harnessed for the prosperity of the entire community.

Having grown up in a family of Puerto Rican retail workers who sought a better life on the mainland, Juan knows firsthand the challenges faced by working-class families and the need for equitable opportunities. He firmly believes that a thriving wage, dignified housing, and access to quality public services are not just lofty ideals but essential policy choices that can transform Aurora into a modern, moral, and prosperous society.

Committed to serving the community and making a positive impact, Juan is determined to work tirelessly to ensure that the needs and aspirations of all residents are heard and addressed. With his experience, dedication, and genuine compassion, Juan is well positioned to lead Aurora towards a future of inclusivity, fairness, and success.