Tim Sennott

Tim Sennott

Alderman, Ward 7, Nashua, NH

2023 Endorsement

Tim is a dedicated candidate running to represent Ward 7 on Nashua's Board of Aldermen. With 29 years of residency in Nashua and his current residence in the diverse Crown Hill neighborhood of Ward 7, Tim is deeply connected to the community.

Tim's commitment to public service began in 2018 when he started serving as an election official. Since then, he has continued to contribute his time and expertise to the residents of Ward 7 by fulfilling consecutive terms as a selectman and as the ward moderator. His motivation to serve stems from his genuine fondness for his neighborhood and community.

Tim's vision for Ward 7 and Nashua as a whole centers around enhancing the qualities that drew him and his family to settle down in Nashua. He aims to prioritize the improvement of public schools, ensuring they remain strong and supportive. Additionally, Tim emphasizes the importance of safe, well-maintained streets, diverse housing options to accommodate various needs, and the preservation of parks and green spaces.

In addition to his roles as an election official and a candidate for the Board of Aldermen, Tim actively serves on the board for Great American Downtown. He also contributes his expertise to Nashua's Downtown Improvement Committee, collaborating with local business owners towards creating a more appealing and hospitable downtown atmosphere. With a background in accounting and finance, Tim brings ten years of experience in these fields, further enriching his qualifications.

Tim is a proud graduate of Nashua Community College, reflecting his commitment to education and personal growth. His professional experience, coupled with his extensive involvement in community organizations, equips him with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively serve as an Alderman representing Ward 7.