Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth Martinez

73rd District Court, TX

2024 Endorsement

Elizabeth is a dedicated Democratic Candidate running for the 73rd District Court. Raised in one of San Antonio's economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, Elizabeth understands the challenges faced by her community. She felt that previous City Leaders had overlooked her and her neighbors, resulting in a lack of access to justice. This perception motivated Elizabeth to commit herself to becoming a leader who truly comprehends the realities of life in San Antonio.

In her career, Elizabeth has made it her mission to connect with constituents and empathize with their experiences. As a staff attorney to the Civil District Court Judges, she has gained extensive knowledge of the law and has become a trusted advisor. Elizabeth has represented various individuals and organizations including injured workers, plaintiffs, and the City of San Antonio. Her diverse legal background has equipped her with a well-rounded understanding of the justice system and the needs of her community.

Furthermore, Elizabeth currently serves as a part-time Magistrate Judge, a position she was appointed to by the Mayor and City Council. This role has allowed her to offer valuable service to the community and reaffirmed her commitment to making a positive impact.

Elizabeth's campaign is rooted in the principles of fairness, understanding, and accessibility to justice. If elected, she will bring these values to the bench and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone who enters the courtroom is treated with dignity and respect. Elizabeth Martinez is the candidate who will champion the interests of her district and advocate for equal access to justice for all.