Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry

State House, District 38, FL

2024 Endorsement

Sarah is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for public service and a deep-rooted commitment to social change. With a career in the nonprofit sector that spans various roles in communications, development, and compliance, Sarah has consistently demonstrated a tireless work ethic and a genuine enthusiasm for making a difference.

Inspired by her grandfather, a former Naval submariner and elected public servant, Sarah's unwavering sense of civic duty has been ingrained in her since childhood. Her desire to contribute to her community and effect positive change is what drives her professional endeavors.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sarah finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her loved ones in her hometown of Altamonte Springs, FL. She cherishes moments with her husband, Nicolas, and their pit bull mix, Maisel.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Political Science from Lynn University and an M.P.A. with a specialization in Nonprofit Management from American University. These educational achievements have provided her with a solid foundation to excel in her chosen field.

Sarah's passion for public service is unwavering, as evidenced by her recent run for the Florida House District 38 in 2022. While narrowly missing victory, this experience has only fueled her determination to re-enter the race in the upcoming 2024 cycle.

With her unwavering commitment to social change, Sarah continues to inspire those around her, making a lasting impact through her work in the nonprofit sector and her relentless pursuit of public service.