Kristen Dart

Kristen Dart

City Council, At-Large, Saratoga Springs, NY

2023 Endorsement

Kristen, a native of Saratoga Springs, NY, is a dedicated advocate for equality and justice. Coming from a family with a strong legacy of civil rights activism, Kristen's passion for public service runs deep. Currently, she holds the position of chairperson for the Saratoga Springs inaugural Civilian Review Board and actively participates in the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. In the past, Kristen served on the esteemed Police Reform Task Force, further solidifying her commitment to fostering positive change within her community.

In addition to her civic engagements, Kristen has made significant contributions in both nonprofit and government sectors. She previously served as the director of Legislative Affairs for Mayor Jorge Elorza and held the position of Deputy Director of Policy for the RI House of Representatives. Currently, she holds the role of Vice President of Political Affairs at Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts.

Kristen's involvement in her community extends beyond her professional life. She has demonstrated a strong dedication to political activism and has invested her time in coaching youth sports. Kristen also contributes her expertise as a board member of Public Wise, a non-profit organization focused on promoting equity in democracy. Additionally, she holds the position of Corresponding Secretary for the Albany Chapter of The Girl Friends, Inc., a renowned social organization committed to empowering women.

With her rich family background and diverse experiences, Kristen brings a unique perspective to her work in advocating for civil rights and justice. Her desire to create a more equitable and just society continues to drive her unwavering commitment to public service.