Monica Beard

Monica Beard

State House, District 22, DE

2024 Endorsement

Monica, a Hockessin native, embarked on a European journey to pursue her education before establishing roots back in her hometown to raise her son. Throughout her life, she has consistently championed for the rights of the most vulnerable Delawareans. Monica has an extensive background in advocacy, having worked for esteemed organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

At present, Monica's dedication to her community remains unwavering. She actively contributes to the First State Abortion Fund and the Delaware Alliance Against Sexual Violence as a board member. Additionally, Monica generously invests her time as a volunteer advocate for children in foster care.

Driven by her unwavering passion, Monica focuses on several key issues of utmost importance. She firmly believes in implementing common sense restrictions when it comes to firearms. Monica is equally committed to protecting reproductive rights, ensuring that individuals in Delaware have the freedom to make choices regarding their own bodies. Moreover, she tirelessly works towards bridging the gap by advocating for accessible and affordable childcare and education for all Delawareans.

Through her relentless efforts, Monica strives to create a better future for her community by addressing these critical matters head-on.