Collin McNamara

Collin McNamara

State Senate, District 24, WI

2024 Endorsement

Born and raised in Iola, Wisconsin, Collin grew up with a strong foundation in respect and hard work. His upbringing, heavily influenced by their parents' commitment to community service, shaped his dedication to making a positive impact. In high school, Collin's passion for service was ignited in response to the challenges faced in the political landscape after the 2016 election. This experience sparked a desire within them to rebuild trust and improve government.

Raised with the belief of facing adversity head-on, Collin developed valuable qualities of resilience and perseverance. Graduating from Iola-Scandinavia High School in 2018, he decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point despite uncertainties arising from program cuts. Undeterred, he demonstrated his determination by actively participating in Student Go and serving on a policy committee that aimed to promote sensible decision-making.

Throughout the challenging times of the pandemic, Collin continued their commitment to service as the Student Body President. His tenacity, willingness to ask tough questions, and ability to challenge the status quo became well-known qualities during their tenure. He also fostered collaboration with a diverse range of individuals, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to leadership.

With a strong ethos of community service ingrained within him since childhood, Collin has proven himself to be a valuable asset in driving positive change. Through his unwavering dedication and business casual demeanor, he will not only exemplify the importance of service but also inspire others to become agents of positive transformation.