Lillian Alexander

Lillian Alexander

Judge, Harris County, TX

2024 Endorsement

Lillian, an experienced family law attorney with 12 years of practice, is renowned for her commitment to equitable outcomes. As a devoted wife and mother, Lillian brings empathy and understanding to her work, recognizing the complexities of the legal system, particularly for families in distress. Lillian is currently running as a candidate for the role of District Court judge in Harris County's 507th district court. Her primary focus would be presiding over family court cases.

If elected, Lillian pledges to maintain open and transparent communication with families and attorneys, ensuring that all parties feel heard and valued throughout the legal process. Recognizing the significance of family law cases and their impact on individuals' lives, Lillian emphasizes the importance of compassionate and knowledgeable judges who prioritize the well-being of children above everything else.

Lillian is deeply committed to creating a courtroom environment characterized by respect and compassion, providing families with a safe and heard space. Her vision extends beyond her personal achievements and emphasizes the need for a more empathetic and understanding judiciary, specifically in the field of family law.

With Lillian Henny Alexander's experience and dedication, she aims to serve Harris County as a District Court judge, bringing her expertise and passion for equitable outcomes to the role.