Montana Hartman

Montana Hartman

State House, District 199, PA

2024 Endorsement

Montana, a 22-year-old progressive, is running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on a platform of unity and bipartisanship. Frustrated with the current officeholders who have held their seats for years and failed to deliver for the people, Montana aims to be a voice for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

With experience as a poll worker, Judge of Elections, and five years of working for a leading retail corporation, Montana has demonstrated their ability to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ideologies. This includes managing difficult personalities, a skill honed while working in the retail world.

Montana's campaign places a strong emphasis on bipartisanship, recognizing the need to work across party lines to effectively address the needs of the people. Additionally, Montana advocates for supporting local businesses, artists, authors, musicians, and other content creators, highlighting the importance of nurturing and promoting local talent.

In terms of policy priorities, Montana is committed to safeguarding the rights of individuals and ensuring that policies are enacted to protect rather than curtail their freedoms. This includes a focus on investing in mental health resources and advocating for the abolition of the Troubled Teen Industry.

By bringing together a dedication to unity, support for local talent and businesses, protection of individual rights, and investments in mental health, Montana's campaign seeks to usher in a new era of effective representation for the people of Pennsylvania.