Sarah Leonardi

Sarah Leonardi

School Board, District 3, Broward County, FL

2024 Endorsement

Sarah is a former teacher with nearly a decade of experience, specializing in teaching English in Broward County's public high schools. She brings extensive knowledge and dedication to her role as the school board member for Broward County Public School's District 3.

Throughout her time in Broward Schools, Sarah actively contributed to the educational community. She served as a sponsor for various clubs, mentored fellow teachers, and, in 2016, was honored as the Teacher of the Year at Coconut Creek High School. Her passion for education was instilled at an early age, having grown up in Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she witnessed the transformative power of education firsthand.

Sarah returned to the United States to pursue higher education at the University of Miami, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Education in 2011. Her upbringing and academic background have shaped her firm belief in the importance of quality education in changing lives.

Representing Broward County Public School's District 3, Sarah advocates for the needs of her constituents residing in the east side of the county, which includes some of the oldest schools in the region. She has successfully secured over $80 million in funding for new construction projects within her district. Sarah is a respected voice on matters of transparency, accountability for district leadership, and ensuring educational equity for all students.

With her unwavering commitment to educational progress and her tireless efforts, Sarah Leonardi continues to be a driving force in Broward County's educational landscape.