Bryan Lindstrom

Bryan Lindstrom

State House, District 36, CO

2024 Endorsement

Bryan, a dedicated Aurora history teacher and lifelong resident of Aurora, CO, is a passionate advocate for housing justice, economic justice, and education justice. Understanding that addressing societal issues requires action beyond the confines of his classroom, Bryan has expanded his activism to the Colorado State Capitol.

A family man, Bryan's commitment extends beyond personal interests. With his wife also working as a teacher, Bryan recognizes that his fight encompasses not only his own aspirations but also those of his family, profession, and the community he has been a part of throughout his life.

With unwavering resolve, Bryan is determined to champion the cause of housing for all citizens, promoting an equitable education funding mechanism, and fostering an environment where Colorado becomes a leading pro-union state in the nation. By taking his convictions to the State Capitol, Bryan seeks to instigate positive change that will benefit the greater community.

Through his extensive experience as a teacher and his longstanding involvement as a union leader and activist, Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He believes in the power of collective action and aims to leverage his skills for the betterment of society.

Drawing from his deep emotional ties to Colorado, Bryan Lindstrom is poised to make a substantial impact by advocating for causes that resonate deeply with him and his community.