Shayana Dabney

Shayana Dabney

School Board, At-Large, Colorado Springs, CO

2023 Endorsement

Shay is a passionate advocate for accessible education and an alumna of Colorado Springs School District 11. Growing up in a military family, Shay witnessed educational disparities across different regions, which fueled her determination to ensure every student has access to quality learning, regardless of their background.

During her time at Mitchell High School, Shay thrived under the guidance of dedicated educators. Now, she aims to collaborate with community leaders, parents, and teachers to shape policies that break down barriers and make her exceptional educational experience available to all District 11 students.

Shay's commitment to education is evident through her involvement in various organizations. She is an active member of the District 11 Leadership Team for Neighbors for Education and Mitchell High School's School Accountability Committee (SAC). Additionally, Shay holds the role of Program and Operations Manager at Citizens Project, a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting civic inclusivity in the Pikes Peak region.

With a clear goal of elevating the Colorado Springs School District 11 to the forefront of education in Colorado, Shay aspires to serve on the Board of Education. Through her passion, dedication, and collaborative approach, she is determined to make a lasting impact and ensure that every student in District 11 has the opportunity to thrive academically.